Taking another crack at it

When I created So Fedorable in 2009, I had grand ambitions for it. I wanted to fill a niche for discussing crime novels in the Philippine blogosphere, I thought, and in turn attempt to answer the question why there is no thriving mystery story genre in our country. Alas, the perfect storm of a busy work schedule, personal upheavals, and a general lack of self-confidence when it comes to my writing came over me.

The impetus for starting another blog was a great contest at Jessica Zafra’s blog that called for a short piece describing an ideal Pinoy detective, Manila’s Finest. I sent a submission (the very last one on the comments section) and after the contest ended I didn’t know where to post the short scene I’ve written. I also wanted to explain my thought process, why I chose the characters that I chose, and articulate to myself how I would go about creating my ideal Holmesian (or Spade-ian, or Wimseyesque) Filipino detective.

The thing is, I still want to talk about crime fiction and mysteries. It’s a genre that holds a special place in my heart (and my bookshelves). But part of the reason why So Fedorable stopped being attractive for me is that the subject matter was too narrow. I also wanted to talk about the latest zombie novel I’ve read or my general mindcrush on Michael Chabon. So I’ll be treating this as a general reading blog, where I can talk about the books I’ve been reading and also tackle bigger subject matters.

My brand new optimism calls for a brand new punny blog name. Which is to say, I am not really an anarchist, you guys. I’m only interested in bombs that go off in your heads.


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