Webcomic Recommendations – The Horror Edition

I just got back from watching Social Network, so this’ll be a quick update. In this blog, I hope to make a series out of recommending awesome webcomics that don’t seem to be talked up as much as the hugely popular ones like Kate Beaton for strips or Phoenix Requiem for serials. I’ll be catching up on the Halloween theme by naming two titles that’s heavy with the costumes and the creepiness.

Lovecraft is Missing by Larry Latham is one of my favorite webcomics ever, with a distinctive drawing style and a plot that mixes fact, fiction, and horror meta commentary. It is a story about pulp writer Win Battler, an Oklahoma native who travels to Providence to meet his pen pa,l Howard Philips Lovecraft. Yes, that Lovecraft. He arrives to find out that Lovecraft has apparently disappeared without a trace and people around the sleepy New England town may be involved.

Romantically Apocalyptic by Vitaly S. Alexius is one of those quirky yet unsettling comics that follow the comic strip style of storytelling. The gist of the setup is this: a pilot, a sniper and an engineer walking around a post-nuclear city, trying to entertain themselves. Every update is a short scene with an often macabre punchline, but it’s the gorgeous superrealist art that keeps me coming back. (Special thanks to Bhex for pointing out this title to me.)

I hope you enjoy these, and watch out for more recs!


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