Girls on Flying Things: Webcomics

I’m aiming to have vaguely noticeable themes for my webcomic recommendations every week and for this one is a tribute to aviation. Indulge me, dear reader, I’m sick and have so joys in life.

Kitty Hawk by Braden D. Lamb (creator and illustrator) and Vincent LaBate (writer and letterer) is the story of a female fighter pilot in Pre-World War II US, with a penchant for fighting villains in jet packs and discovering mysterious artifacts. There’s a subtle steam-punk flavor but it doesn’t take away from the vintage feel of the entire work. The art is particularly beautiful. I love the fight scenes on air.

Unfortunately, the comic hasn’t been updated since 2009, but I still recommend it for the incredible art and the sweet pulpy nostalgia it evokes.

Red Moon Rising by Rose Loughran is about Adrianna, an airship mechanic and rogue pyrokinetic who is caught in a web of political and military intrigue. The story is set in a fictional world that promises to be elaborate and breathtaking. The steampunk elements are heavier on this one, but there’s a juxtaposition of magic and technology that unfolds through the story. The painterly style is so evocative you can stare at a single page for minutes. I particularly enjoy the many moody scenes and the subtle humor that pierces through tension.


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