Day 06 – Favorite of a Favorite

Day 06 – Favorite book of your favorite series OR your favorite book of all time

Dorothy L. Sayers’ Murder Must Advertise

This meme has been difficult to answer at times because it shows the holes in my reading preferences. All the questions regarding trilogies, quadrilogies or series gave me some pause since I don’t generally follow or finish book series the way many of my friends do. The only one I’ve ever done so was Harry Potter, and I haven’t even read the last book yet (I know, I know. But I’ve read the spoilers and I’m sure it’ll make me cry).

I’m choosing my favorite book in what can be loosely described as a series. Dorothy L. Sayers’ Peter Wimsey books have been a long-time favorite. Several elements make that pop in and out of the books make them enjoyable, particularly the amazing Harriet Vane. My favorite Vane-featured novel is Have His Carcase. But although Murder Must Advertise does not feature Harriet, it’s still my favorite. I have already made a review post for this title so I’ll keep my reasons brief.

For one, it’s such a witty romp of a book, with witty commentary about the advertising business in post-World War I London, and how advertisers seldom really look out for their customer’s well being. There’s also something delightful and Peter Wimsey going undercover.


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