Day 09 – Best scene ever

Day 09 – Best scene ever

The final reveal of the villain in Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose.

Of course I’m not going to spoil you with what actually happens. Sufficed to say, however, the final discovery by William of Baskerville about the mastermind behind the series of murders inside an Italian abbey stands apart as one of the very few thoroughly satisfying denouements I’ve ever encountered in mystery fiction. The reveal builds upon the series of events which includes an actual inquisition, rife with dread and uncertainty that is characteristic of the Dark Ages. When the clues show that the deaths aren’t the done by the hand of a supernatural being but engineered by a very human mind, the implications doesn’t actually get any less terrifying.

It’s quite difficult to explain the significance of this scene without actually revealing much of the plot. The Name of the Rose is a daunting read but it is so, so worth the effort. If you’re into mystery, post-modernism, and the value of books and stories, you will find it very rewarding.


3 thoughts on “Day 09 – Best scene ever

  1. We had an old copy of this book at our house when i picked it up. I was blown away by it. And i agree the revelation was wonderful. I have to say having read this book (i was reading it during the dan brown hype) that dan brown was nothing like Umberto Eco.

    • I got my own copy from a used bookstore too. It’s actually pretty fragile now so I may have to buy a new copy. And yeah, it ticks me off a little whenever an intellectual mystery/thriller automatically gets lumped together with Dan Brown. This happens to a book I recently talked about here too, The Flanders Panel. Their styles cannot be farther from the Da Vinci Code.

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