State of the Reading Address

I’m more or less a book behind in my personal resolution to finish one book a week this year. I’ve finished four so far and I can try to chock up that one book to the fact that I’m reading Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. But to be honest, I’m also only 120 pages into that book. I found that I can only bring myself to read chunks of twenty pages or so at a time before having to devote myself into a completely different story. Right now, it’s Andrea Camilleri’s The Shape of Water.

My reading stamina is not the same as it was three or four years ago, sadly. Add the fact that creating reviews for every finished book causes me to pause and evaluate my own feelings about them. Still, I’m determined to read fifty books this year. (Technically I plan to read 52 books, but I’m trying to give myself some leeway. :p) On the bright side, I’ve finally managed to set up my GoodReads account. My list is still horribly incomplete but I plan on working on it little by little. Add me, if you’re so inclined!

In other news, I’ve been coveting the latest iterations of the Nook and the Kindle, all the while trying to justify buying one for my birthday. The prospect is looking more and more attractive, every time I read of blog posts by people who are reading War in Peace without the burden of carrying the doorstopper.

What books are you reading right now?

And for your weekly dose of pretty, check out these wonderful images via The Rumpus: Book art you’ll admire. Or make you contemplate in horror about all the destroyed books. Whichever.


5 thoughts on “State of the Reading Address

  1. Reading habits popped up in one of my recent convos with Yukeh and I figured that I tend to switch stuff a lot when I read. I mean I could go for a few weeks just aching to finish novels and then jump to magazine articles and online stuff the next. I guess that’s one reason why I don’t do too well with reading lists/challenges like that and why I haven’t picked up and finished a lot of novels/books that I probably should have ages ago.

    Oh, but I recently finished reading through Rilke’s letters (going to try reading some of his poems next, sometime) and I think I’ll be re-reading them a lot so.. thanks for the rec!

    As for the Kindle, it hasn’t been very useful for me – I’ve only managed to finish a few of the books I have on it. I guess it’s ’cause I haven’t gotten too used to using it over holding a paperback and that it goes contrary to the want to have a lot of books (though, it’s still valuable for me with limited physical storage space and I think it’ll get even more useful later on.)

    • I’ve found reading lists and challenges helpful because my default attitude is that of a scatter-brain anyway, and structure and rules tends to help me out a lot. It’s very difficult to switch from book-reading mode to internet content-reading mode (which I also do a lot).

      Nice to hear that you really liked Rilke! :D I’ve only read bits and pieces for class but you might like his Notebooks of Laurids Briggs.

      I have a very hard time reading ebooks on my laptop but I wonder if that discomfort disappears when using an ebook reader. Part of the downside of having a physical copy is the fact that I 500 page books are so difficult to carry around and the book itself gets damaged in my process of reading it? Thanks for the feedback, let me know when you’ve started liking your Kindle more. XD

  2. January was great for my reading life. I read 12 books (a combination of thick and thin books). Come February and I am barely making progress. I usually read two books at any one time, but I’m barely making it through. It took me two weeks to read Jasper Fforde’s Eyre affair. Its probably going to take me another two weeks to read Anita Desai’s Fasting, Feasting. I’ll probably end this month with 3 books all in all. Right now I envy the fact you can finish a book a week.

    • Thanks for sharing your reading progress. :) I don’t think I have the stamina to read 12 books in a month so I admire people who can manage it. Do you think your lack of progress is because of the kind of book you’re reading? And 3 books in February is still progress!

      • I think that some of it is due to the kind of books i’m reading. Some books require some time ti digest and process. However it also has to do with the amount of things i have on my plate which eats up from my reading. But you are right, 3 books is great. I’m actually happy to read a book a month except GB has a goal of reading 365 books this year and i need to contribute 1/3 of that. haha.

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