Your Reader’s Story – ReaderCon Week 2

Very late in answering this meme, but what the hey.

How did you become a reader? What factors influenced you to take it up as a hobby? For instance, was it your mom who read to you every night? Or was it a high school friend who started lending you books? Or maybe it was a really inspiring teacher whom you wanted to emulate. Whatever it was, we hope you tell us all the story of how you became a leisure reader and what it is about reading that you enjoy so much.

I seriously think that the existence of our school libraries in Colegio de Sta. Rosa, Makati was the one catalyst for my love of books. Not simply the opportunity to borrow books, but the place itself. For one, the Elementary library at my school was air-conditioned back when the classrooms weren’t, so I had extra incentive to stay there. There was also the idea that you can hide yourself in a small nook during recess and lunch time, where silence is highly enforced and you only have the company of characters in books with you.

When I became old enough to borrow books from the Main Library, it was a very important step towards maturity. I managed to find writers there that I’ve treasured until now, such as Ray Bradbury, Mark Twain and Roald Dahl. I didn’t find Stephen King books there (I wonder why, come to think of it) but I read books like Firestarter and Christine there, relishing the quiet. I also smuggled in romance books with uh, mature content, to read there. The process of falling in love with a library continued in college, managing to find there beloved authors like Mary Renault, Umberto Eco, and Mario Vargas Llosa.

Maybe that’s one of the many reasons I can’t sustain my reading recently. These days, I snatch reading moments in between getting distracted by TV, the Internet and work, often during commutes. There’s something to be said about having a constant place where you can read books.


7 thoughts on “Your Reader’s Story – ReaderCon Week 2

    • I’m mostly okay with car noises and stuff but when a person near me gets into a conversation (by phone or with another passenger) I lose all concentration. I think I read by hearing the prose in my head so even if it’s the stupidest, most inane convo ever it tends to interfere. XD

  1. Oh, so you also have that “voice” in your head? When I try to read fast, the voice gets in the way, therefore muddling my comprehension of the narrative. This is the ultimately why I am a slow reader.

    • Yes, I do! Sometimes if I’ve been talking to too many people in a given week I can’t enjoy novels because the “voice” gets muddled in my head. This is also the reason why my favorite writers are ultimately prose stylists. I can forgive hokey logic or strange plot twists but the cadence of the words need to be very good.

  2. My grade school library wasn’t air-conditioned but I didn’t mind because I read all of the fiction books that they had there. That’s where I first discovered Narnia. My high school and college libraries were air-conditioned and I remember hanging out in those places a lot but mostly to study, I can’t remember borrowing fiction books from them (not even sure if they do have fiction books in their shelves?).

    Love Roald Dahl! I can’t even decide what’s my favorite – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (mmmm chocolate) or Matilda (a girl who loves to read!) or The Witches.

    • Our main library had better fiction choices than the grade school one. I’m kind of sad when I visit school libraries that have nothing but reference materials in the shelves. Sure, it provides a service but there’s no sense of discovering treasures, you know what I mean?

      My ultimate favorite Dahl has got to be Matilda. I think I identified with her even though my parents weren’t horrible at all, ahahaha. Also The Witches freaked me out so much when I was a kid. I knew it was fiction but the way it’s written is so matter-of-fact. Witches lurking everywhere!

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