A Little Nuts about Podcasts, Part 1

I have to admit that the bulk of the time and attention I used to devote to books have lately been encroached by podcasts. It’s not necessarily a new medium–for years I’ve listened to staples such as Radiolab and Pop Culture Happy Hour but my fixation has become much, much more intense in the last three months or so. The thing with podcasts is that they often end up referencing other podcasts that I end up trying as well.

Though I inevitably spike shows that I don’t find particularly engaging, the list of podcasts that I follow is still distressingly long. Here is the list of the ones I truly enjoy, conveniently grouped into categories.

I. Roundtable-type Discussions

NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour (iTunes)

This is legitimately my favorite podcast of all time. It’s a delightfully casual but still incisive discussion of pop culture and the breadth that it encompasses. The panelists are Linda Holmes, Stephen Thompson, Trey Graham, and Glen Weldon, all of whom are connected in some way with NPR. Topics that they’ve tackled include comic book movie adaptations, The Bachelor Pad, John Updike, movie musicals, muppets, and roadtrip movies.

Over time you will learn that each have a respective predilection (Trey, for example, is a German art song enthusiast while Linda is a noted reality television aficionado) which the rest of the panel would lovingly mock. Their list of guest panelists, like Barrie Hardymon and podcast producer Mike Katzif, are also delightful.

Though they often discuss current events in pop culture, I think it’s perfectly easy to jump into the pool and listen to older episodes. Here are some that I particularly enjoy:

Scott Pilgrim And Our Great Big Blind Spots (August 2010)
The Art Of The Memoir And What We’ll Have On The Side (Nov. 2011)
On Endings And Road Trips (May 2012)

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I’m sick–in space!

I’m feeling under the weather on top of Nanowrimo kicking my butt, so I’ll just recommend Tor.com‘s blog for your reading pleasure. They recently wrapped up their Steampunk Fortnight, which is an emerging genre that I’m particularly interested in. For those looking for eyecandy, the ongoing A is for Artist spotlight is just the thing for you. Now, I’m going to make myself tea and hope my wordcount doubles magically while I sleep. D: