This is kind of embarrassing. I fell off the face of the blogging world without really intending to and I can’t even blame my lack of free time. Most of my writing recently have been for work but I’ve also discovered the wonders of Twitter. I admit to giving in to the temptation of expressing myself exclusively through 140-character spurts. I’m also hopelessly behind in my writeups–eight books’ worth of backlog–but I’m determined to catch up.

Speaking of writing, please read my PGS Crime Issue Review, published by The Philippine Online Chronicles a couple of weeks ago. A short excerpt:

None of the stories in the PGS Crime Issue are whodunits in the true sense of the word. They are, however, why- and how-dunnits, with a couple of stories morphing into revenge tales redressing sins of the past.

Justice takes on a very fluid quality in Philippine crime, where the trick isn’t finding who the culprit is, but making sure he does pay. Even the arrival of the police does not signal the end of a criminal ordeal–they often turn out to be a different, more dangerous complication.

I’ve finished 18 books so far this year which, according to Goodreads, means I’m six books behind if I still wish to read 50 books in 2011. Cry. Still, that’s already six books more than I’ve read the whole of last year so I can’t really complain.

Monday Bullet Points – The Pretty Pictures Edition

♛ The illustration above is of Ray Bradbury, my favorite writer (probably) of all-time, done for his 90th birthday. Illustrator Lou Romano has made a fascinating blog post detailing his drawing process. It’s especially cool how he drew Bradbury as the Illustrated Man, echoing one of his most famous characters.

♛ If you haven’t read High Chair’s 13th Issue, stop what you’re doing and read a poem or essay right now. In my opinion, they’re among the Filipino writers pushing our literature to a more challenging place.

♛ The Guardian’s book blog my reliable go-to site for literary news and their second installment of ten rules for writing fiction is particularly lovely.

♛ As an unqualified fan of Emily Carroll‘s work, I am especially thrilled to find out about her work with Picture Book Report. It’s a collective of illustrators who render scenes from different books using delightfully unique drawing styles. I’m particularly charmed by John Martz’s drawings for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

♛ Its name alone would qualify this blog as the best in the world, but Hey Oscar Wilde! It’s Clobberin’ Time! also hosts awesome portraits of various writers and literary characters.

♛ I’m a bitter-ender kind of a gal when it comes to reading books and it always rankles me when I give up on a novel in the middle. Sonya Chung’s It’s Not You, It’s Me: Breaking Up With Books is a small measure of comfort, knowing that I’m not alone with my book abandonment issues.